Online Marketing

Having a website launched is not enough. Of course some traffic will come to your website through search engines but you have to give it a push.

You need to build an audience online and offline so real people can actually visit your website.

Just like traditional marketing, you need to have a budget (be it small or large) for your online marketing. Don't go cheap here. Spending some money to promote your online store or website will not be a waste. You will get your return sometime.

There are hundreds of websites out there. Why is your business special? Why would customers flock in your web store? As much as you need to provide great deals through your website, you need to spend some dollar for online advertising.

Choose a package here for online traffic boost –

  • Package 1: $50
  • Package 2: $100
  • Package 3: $200
  • Package 4: $500
  • Package 5: $1000
  • Package 6: $1500
  • Package 7: $2000
  • Package 8: $3000
  • Package 9: $5000
  • Package10: $7000

Of course the result varies on which package you are ordering.